About Us

Ignacia Genco had a life altering experience with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine her two year old at the time had developed frequent upper respiratory problems.  Western medical doctors told her that her son would need to take steroids and inhalers indefinitely.  Even with nebulizer treatments, her son still had little to no relief.  While visiting a Native Indian Reservation in Canada, her son fell ill and could barely breathe.  The nearest hospital was thirty minutes away.  She held her son anxiously as he turned purple and was barely conscious.  Thankful to have made it to the hospital in time, she knew there had to be another way to help her son heal.

Chinese Medicine treats the root cause of disease and imbalance and with regular treatments, can heal the body back to it’s natural state of being.  A Chinese Medical Doctor who later became Ignacia’s teacher, was able to help her infant son’s health immediately take a positive turn.  Her son’s immune system improved and he was able to sleep through the night without trouble breathing.  ER visits were no longer a part of their routine. He grew up to play competitive sports and remains healthy and fit to this day!

In 2007, Ignacia received her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine degree from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She is a proud Navy mom, enjoys quality time with her son’s. Her husband is a competitive Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and an author of “Inner Jiu Jitsu: Become Unbreakable, Focused, and Ready to Win in Any Situation by Mastering Your Inner Game.”  Ignacia enjoys dancing, crossfit, muay-thai kick boxing and traveling.  She owns a private practice in Lakewood, Colorado. She is also the featured acupuncturist at Synergy Health Partners in Thornton Colorado.