I got the victory and she saved me from getting surgery

Ignacia helped me so much before my Professional MMA Fight!   Acupuncture & Cupping was crucial for me to get at least twice a week. Within a month I was good and ready to fight. Thanks to Ignacia, I got the victory and she saved me from getting surgery. I’m a firm believer in her work.   I love Acupuncture & Cupping,

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After 3 sessions for my vertigo (the docs still don’t know what it is), I’m better and in charge! Highly recommended and will be a lifetime client!! She is professional, friendly and amazing!     -Ethan N.

Martial Art Injuries

Ignacia is an AMAZING and beautiful healer!!!!  She has helped me recover from martial art injuries. I have never been touched by someone who cares so much for my well being and health! I highly recommend her acupuncture and cupping every chance I get! This woman is AWESOME!!!!!    -Natalie D.

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PMS, Cramping, Injury Prevention

Ignacia is a miracle worker!  She has helped me with so regulating my cycle and pms cramping and above all things, helping me with injury prevention and healing before and after my Pro MMA fights!  She is the real thing when it comes to acupuncture. Go see her, she is amazing!    -Melissa M.

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